What’s it Worth?

There’s a Familiar question most people ask, “what’s it Worth”.Last night as I thought about somethings I then asked myself what’s its worth. Many people may think that their life is perfect, but thier’s may be the worst ever. Some people stand to oppose others but “WHAT’S IT WORTH”. Some things in this world are actually worthless while others have worth, and others piece of Sh*t.

If we look at the world, More than 2/3 two third of a world’s population are using smartphone’s. The issue of smartphone have been long time excused as people do not know why we are privileged to have a smartphone. Most people are making enough money sitting and typing  common problems, while others are hustling to struggle and fight for their lives, working tirelessly like a workaholic.

The truth that many don’t want to answer, but the answer is supreme, Online platforms is the best way to make money. I really believe that you have been hearing  the news,those that have made it online aren’t working much out there they are many. Many people are out there to stop you, because they fear your success,  just like they feared Goliath,they  will try to stop you,and as You proceed ,they will discourage you. Your persistent intervening of your positive thoughts will make you keep pushing. 


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