3 Reasons 2017 Valentine’s Was Boring•••


Everybody waited for Valentine’s to come and it’s over 45% of the world didn’t if feel it. For I didn’t even notice there was a celebration and here’s why.

1. No Free Gift Card 

Last year was an amazing Valentine’s Day though I was still single, but I still recall I received close to 200+ Amazon gift cards.~♥~ unfortunately there was no love this year, reasons is a that no one heard about Valantine. 

2. No Regular TV Adverts 

Well many companies may have lost a lot of money after spending on adverts and no one cares. (๏_๏) well I still blame cause they didn’t remind my pals it was Valentine. Where are my gifts, okay I just remembered worst Val without a bae is extremely annoying. 

3. No BAE!! 

This is the most annoying part, especially for guy’s after spending the whole of last year and no bae. I really do feel for such guy’s [me included ] I wish Valentine was in September i would really prepare for a well bashed party.

Raise your hand if your still single in February!!!! There goes my hand way high. This just to tell people out there I’m broken real lost right now, but don’t worry it’s a minor problem. Next Year is My year. 

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